Chronic Disease Management Program

Peace of mind for your chronic condition

Rewrite your health narrative through a structured care plan and close monitoring by qualified medical professionals.

chronic disease management program

What is the CDMP?

What is the CDMP Graphic

The CDMP is a subscription service that aims to improve chronic health outcomes and patient confidence in managing their chronic condition. Once onboard, you’ll have access to:

Chronic Programs

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Launching Q2 2024

Hypertension (or high blood pressure) is a medical condition characterized by elevated force of blood against the walls of the arteries, and can lead to cardiovascular health complications over time, such as heart disease and stroke.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


of the Singapore population has hypertension

*HealthierSG whitepaper

Care continuity
Care continuity

Our Mission

Improve continuity of care

Reduce barriers to care

Care continuity
Care continuity
Thrive with better chronic care

We’re here to make active chronic condition
management easy for you


Synchronized medication plans

Seamlessly access your doctor approved medication plan from the LiveFuller app and set medication reminders.

Synchronized medication plans
Refill meds

Refill meds - no consult needed

Running out of medicine? Submit a prescription refill request for your doctor’s approval and have it delivered to your doorstep (available to users if chronic condition is assessed to be well controlled).

Support from dedicated care coordinator

Have peace of mind knowing that a care coordinator is continuously monitoring your health data in real-time and ready to address any questions that you might have.

Support from dedicated care coordinator
Automated alerts

Automated alerts & nudges

Receive instant push notifications on any abnormalities in your health data. Your care coordinator is also alerted, allowing for swift and timely intervention.

Safeguarding chronic health

A proactive and holistic approach to manage chronic health, backed
by an established healthcare provider.

Personalized and
structured care plan

Different control levels and care plans tailored to you

Synchronize BP readings via Bluetooth

Synchronize BP
readings via Bluetooth

Easy logging of blood pressure data without manual input

Powered by the
Fullerton Health ecosystem

Tap into a strong ecosystem of healthcare providers

Frequently Asked Questions

The CDMP is expected to launch in Q2 2024 with support for Hypertension. More updates will be provided in the coming months.

The care coordinator is a healthcare professional who will check in on you from time to time regarding your chronic condition, and monitor your health data as recorded on the LiveFuller app. He / She will support you by assisting to book CDMP teleconsultations as required, and addressing any questions that you may have along the way.

Updates on the subscription price will be released soon.